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Lopi Endeavor

Lopi Endeavor

The Lopi Endeavor has been rated  as the best wood burning stove on the market. New and improved for 2020, the Endeavor has been upgraded with a larger door and now comes standard with an ash pan.  Capable of heating 2,000 square feet and has a log capacity of 18 inches, the Endeavor is a phenomenal stove that fits a multitude of applications.

  • Tech Specs

    • Heating Capacity*: Up to 2,000 square feet
    • Emissions: 1.4 Grams Per Hour
    • EPA Tested BTUs: 12,114 to 67,090 BTUs
    • Real World BTUs”: EPA tests to determine BTU output are achieved with a single load of wood at each burn rate. At home, you are likely to add more wood to your stove to maintain your desired comfort level. By the simple process of loading your stove with additional wood, you could achieve up to a 20% higher heat output than established during EPA testing.
    • Maximum Burn Time: Up to 10 Hours
    • LHV Overall Efficiency:** Up to 80%
    • HHV Overall Efficiency:** Up to 74%
    • Glass Viewing Area: Ceramic Glass, 15-1/4” W x 11-1/4” H, 165 Sq. In.
    • Firebox Size: 2.5 Cubic Feet
    • Maximum Log Size: 18”
    • Weight: 448 lbs (203 kg.)
    •  Construction: 5/16” to 3/16” Steel Plate
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